You Are Still in the Game

January 12, 2017 Educative 0 Comments


She jerked open the door of the academy and with a sad face called out my name. I looked at her, confused while she pulled up a chair opposite me and sat down with a thump, clutching her head in her hands from both the sides. She took in a deep breath before letting out a sigh and then looked at me again with her pale face marking a depressed state. I inquired about the reason behind her present state and in a single breath she narrated her plight.

So, the story is that the girl is a ninth grader who happens to be an excellent basketball player and has represented her school in many match winning games. Now, as a part of twenty member squad she has been selected to join a camp that will ultimately define her place in the nationals. Excited at the prospect she packed her bags and was ready to hit to the camp the next week when she got a jolt. Her parents, peers and teachers pointed out that she should focus on her studies, especially pointing out that she would be sitting for her Board next year, rather than wasting time playing basketball. They further added that there are chances that some students with ‘approaches’ might find a spot in the team as was the case in many scenarios (better depicted in movies). This had left her devastated. And now, she sat in front of me completely worn out with anxiety and tension.

I knew it was my turn to speak and filled with energy, I started with my motivating lecture. I told her that getting selected in the national was not an easy task but it did not mean that it would be a matter of ‘fixing’. I tried to motivate her with my repeated arguments that she should just give this opportunity her best because that is the only thing no one can take away from her. If she performs her best nobody can miss her presence. She was still in the race and should not quit till the fifteenth spot in the team is decided.

To prove my point I narrated an incident from the sets of an Indian music reality show for children. A five-year old who was participating was in the bottom three and when her turn came she sang with such passion, not a freckle of nervousness on her face. When the host asked her the reason behind her confidence she proudly replied that she hadn’t been evicted yet and was still in the game and she wanted to give her best till the time she on stage and was competing. She was eventually evicted later in the day and cried tons but also pointed out that she cried only when she was evicted not before that.

MORAL: There will be times when we’ll feel down and many people will add to our worries but the trick is to believe in yourself till you are out. Do your best and leave the rest. Remember, you are always in the game.

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