Svyambhu means self-reliant.

The program aims to create individuals who have an identity of their own, can realize their potential and are aware of their duty.It’s an initiative that works on the individuals through strategies in order to bring in entrepreneurial growth as a way of life. It inculcates small but significant developments that holistically help them to be self-reliant.

Education refers to the process of inculcation of knowledge, understanding, ability and skills in an individual such that it benefits the person so that he learns, unlearns and relearns with time.

Education = Knowledge + Understanding + Ability +Skill

At present, hardly any focus is being provided on skills enhancement. A university professor recently pointed out the fact that our education system only prepares “intellectual zombies” who are hardly able to think for themselves. Today’s young lack that confidence, motivation and initiative to take risks, carve their own path and start afresh. They still believe that they need handholding and someone to lead them.
Currently ranked 76 in the Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index, India needs more entrepreneurs and access to training and mentorship for them and their success stories. Based on Gallup’s research it was found that more than 60% of the Indian population possesses personality traits crucial for the success of an entrepreneur like business thinking (69%), optimism (66%), and persistence (65%) which suggests a wealth of entrepreneurial capacity. But the willingness to take the risk of running a business is not a common trait among a majority of Indians.


Svyambhu focuses on the young minds as they are capable of garnering more information and utilizing it in a better manner, if guided to channelize their knowledge and energies in a given way. The initiative follows the Identity Potential Duty (IPD) model, with a distinctive emphasis on:

1. Developing students’ identity by identifying their inherent talents and abilities, and making them aware of their distinct talents.
2. Nurturing the talents and skills in order to develop the students’ personality and empower them with the ability to make an informed career choice.
3. Utilizing their talents not just for their own benefit, but also for the society and country at large as a part of their social duty.


  • Entrepreneurial Awareness and Skills – The Grassroots
  • Opportunity Recognition and Idea Evaluation – The Sapling
  • Preparing and Implementing the Business – The Plant
  • Managing the Early Stage Venture – The Giant Tree



Education is a form of learning in which a tradition of entrepreneurial living is instilled in the minds of youth through practical implication within their academic ecosystem, training and skill developing within school & colleges curriculum.


With mentoring, we focus on providing individual assistance to the students so as to polish their skills and guide them throughout the path chosen by them to establish them in the competitive world.


It aims to make available all the necessary resources and sources that can turn an individual’s idea into reality and bridge the gap between the two so as to realize the dream with effectiveness.


Incubation works in providing favorable conditions to an individual for his/her entrepreneurial growth as a startup base.

This not only enables them to be independent decision makers but also balance their career and passion.


Funding refers to the act of providing financial support to an entrepreneur’s endeavor. It provides financial independence and also fulfills the basic requirement of sponsoring any startup business without any hassle.