Svyambhu : Entrepreneurship Development Workshop

Organised by FutureIcons and UANA in collaboration with Department of Sociology and social work HNB Garhwal University Srinagar Uttarakhand at Senate Hall Brila Campus Srinagar Uttarakhand from 4 Feb 2017 – 9 Feb 2017
The workshop turned out to be a full of enthusiasm and glair where Prof. Pachauri Dean Student Welfare HNB Garhwal university inaugurated the workshop in presence of local media , students and faculty of the university. Prof Pachauri showed his gratitude towards UANA especially Mr Subash Dabral and Mr.Ramesh Patwal for their tireless efforts in making the event possible in HNB Garhwal University, Dr. Joshi represented UANA and informed the audience about UANA’s contribution to the development of the state. The participants turned out in great number even after knowing about limited seats. Mr. Rakesh Kumar Gupta, Assistant Director, Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) joined us and enlightened the students about various benefits that they, as young entrepreneurs, can derive from the institution and the important policies and procedures that they should be aware of for their growth. He discussed the procedure through which young entrepreneurs can obtain soft loans from the banks. Fervour of the students increased with the end of third day while they were engaged in games and taught self-analysis and about product Dr Joshi’s presence motivated the students who actively participated in a Q&A session to know about agriculture, sericulture, floriculture, among others and work on their own ventures. Students started showing their interest areas and identified their area of work.The students visited farm at Maletha so as to get more exposure to what they had learnt. They learned the historic significance of Maletha and the story of Madhav singh Bhandari and his sacrifice.
Product Launch Fair. Day 6 was not a usual last day of workshop. This was the first day of their start-up. They participated in the fair and sold the products like a business man. Chief guest of the day was Finance Officer of HNB Garhwal university Mr Mishra who was thrilled to see the fair and expressed his willingness to organise more and bigger such fairs in the university. Our Guest Music Composer Ishaan Dobhal was amazed to see the show and said “I expected sage on the stage type show “.Prof Pachuri and other faculty’s and guest all purchased handi craft and health food and drinks and got themselves photographed. Handicraft made maximum profit.

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