On 29th October, 2016 FutureIcons Foundation turned the Diwali fever a notch higher as the institution invited students to celebrate the festival of lights. Filled with fun activities and drawing and rangoli-making competitions the occasion saw more than 60 participants of various ages participate in it.

The excitement was evident on the students’ faces as they sat eagerly in their respective places 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time carrying bags of paints, colors and stationery. They let their imagination run wild when the topic for the day ‘Diwali from My Perspective’ was announced and suddenly the rooms were bursting with chatters and discussions.

The event was the result of the efforts of the students who organized it as well as acted as volunteers to ensure its success. The participants, on the other hand, created an inclusive environment for each other – members of the institution they had not interacted with earlier were met with the festive warmth as the seniors lend a hand to the juniors and vice versa. It was a sight to behold as the children, in their own festive youth, celebrated the competition together.

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