Under the umbrella of Employment Enhancement Program, FutureIcons also conducts Professional Grooming and Personality Development program for the candidates at our institute. We believe that it is of vital importance to excel at what you love. A person who has gained mere knowledge of a subject is like a stagnant pond. But with each drop of new information one’s craft is polished and it he/she becomes an ocean full of pearls and opportunities. We encourage our students to challenge their limits and aim higher.

Here, we aim to polish the latent abilities of the candidates to bring out the best in them. We cater to the needs of each individual to transform them from students to confident and knowledgeable professionals who are ready for their big leap in the world of opportunities.

We have more than 21 modules in Professional Grooming and Personality Development program. Some of these include –

·         Motivation
·         Confidence building
·         Psychological aspects of winning and life skills
·         Personal life management
·         Time management
·         Communication skills
·         Articulation skills
·         Leadership skills
·         Stage fear