Icon School Program


When we say that each and every child is special, we mean every word of it. They are like flowers – different from each other but beautiful in their own way. We realize that many students are able to grasp concepts easily while others take time to understand ideas. At times, even bright students face difficulty in doing so. This proves that one does real injustice when they categorize students merely on the basis of their grasping power and intellect as Good and bad performers.

We ensure that we understand each student’s abilities and use them to make them understand basic ideas to strengthen their foundation of different concepts. We follow a structured methodology to support a child’s efforts. We conduct pre-tests to analyze their strengths and weaknesses, interact with them for better understanding, use innovative and creative activities to provide a practical knowledge of the concepts and conduct another test at the completion of the task to check for improvement.

An important part of Icon School Program is to instill acceptance and appreciation of one’s talents. We work together to harness everyone’s talents and construct long lasting relationships.

We have an expert team of educators who’ve served their fields for a considerable time period, instructional and creative methods to achieve our aim and an environment that nurtures the distinct competencies of an individual. Our proactive approach and constant improvement helps us to provide the best to our students.