Election Time Concern

April 18, 2017 Uncategorized 0 Comments

Philosophy and life has taught to appreciate the beauty of black, white and everything in between but be finicky when it comes to decision. I take it with grain of salt. To sum up my achievements – average in everything. To sum my failures – glimagesass is always half empty. Born and raised in India, I come from middle class family where emphasis is on education and human values. We are a nation where balance between extremes seems to be non – existing…Yes the word NON-EXISTING. We have resources in abundance but under utilized. We have brilliant scholars & expertise but their talents aren’t able to create scope due to vision deficit & ineffective & corrupted governing systems. The cultural diversities adds to this .It is obvious that the elected governments have their ideological policies to its fullest grip & rooted till the panchayats but the manifesto of contesting, conducting the election system should be made clearer & lucid… Every type of election should have different manifestos and discussion point. Municipal election should talk about cleanliness hygiene and local problems ..State legislative election should discuss state problems and national election should be based on national and international topics

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