Are Marks the true measure ?

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Few facts of my journey of a little less than the double decade as a teacher.

  1. The student who was selected in IIT in her first attempt was never a school topper.
  2. None of the school toppers were ever able to crack any of the top competitive exams.
  3. The student who is earning the maximum is neither an engineer nor a doctor. She was never a school topper nor was selected to any top notch institutions.
  4. The student whom we can call a leader was just an average scorer.
  5. The student who was school topper is not among the top earner or leader or into top most job or business, though they are into good jobs.
  6. An average scorer became life coach and is doing great business
  7. A student whose parents were always worried if their child would pass the exam is doing same job as the topper of the class and both are earning same.
  8. The student who was street smart, topper and showed all good characteristics of great career in school settled to be a home maker.

And all the above people grew up, became parents are fighting for academic excellence. A perfect 10 CGPA or a percentage greater than 90% for their ward. Studies in school has become a consumer able product which can be measured using the physical quantity called marks and CGPA. Anybody who is not heavy on the scale is under the pressure of being bad and his career is going to be ruined. He will be disrespected and bring bad name to himself and the family. The pressure of the rat race is so lofty that many a times student goes in depression or even commits suicide. And the best part of this race is, it does not have any well-defined destination. For getting top marks do not guarantee good job or best career.  Learning is a lifelong process, not restricted to academic excellence achieved in school. Academic score is not a measure of success or failure in life but is simply the measure of extent of learning occurred at that point of time.

In a nutshell academic score is not the best scale to quantify productivity in terms of social, economic and psychological gratification. In these years I have always been surprized by the extent of student’s intelligence. All had distinctive intelligence.  Education is a qualitative term hence there is a need to device a system that can measure learning and development of a person without quantifying it in any SI units. Subjective growth and skills are honoured.

Life is very big stage. Its has got many aspects of intelligence and many roles to play . academic score is just one. I can say it is one of the initial. But its definitely not the last. If you are good at it you have ways to go ahead in a logical path if you are not so good then you have creative path to go further beyond.

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